Replacement Nose Bridge Flex Coupler for X-Squared [NBFC]

Replacement Nose Bridge Flex Coupler for X-Squared [NBFC]

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Replacement Nose Bridge Flex Coupler

If we use the X-Metal frame for a long time, the part of nose bridge becomes loose due to damage of the flex coupler rubber part inside. 
You can revive your X-Metal by changing the flex coupler and give it a new feeling. 
It is made from silicone, medical grade so it is safe for your skin.  We do our best to make a good product for our customers.  We have experimented material toughness several times before releasing this item. It took us around a year to make it to the current quality which we are confident it has enough toughness and tightness and offer flexibility for you to wear your X-Metal comfortably.

How to Change
Remove the nosebrige screw by a Hexagon wrench. Take out the old flex coupler and replace a new ones. Tight the nosebridge screw and finish.

Compatibility of this parts
You can use this part for following frames:
Juliet, X-Metal XX, Mars, Romeo2, Penny & X-Squared.


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    By Anonymous
    perfect fit.
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    just replace the left nose bridge and it’s done....NO NEED to call OAKLEY CALIFORNIA and wait for how many minutes before somebody can help you; this LINEGEAR is a great help....SHIPPING is LIGHTNING FAST, faster than the BULLET TRAIN....thanks guys....
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