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ICRX NXT Violet Lens for Juliet

Transmissivity : 42% (Category 1)
Base lens : Dark Purple 
UVA, UVB (ultraviolet wavelength) 99.99% cut

Low Reflectivity: Others will be able to see wearer's eyes in most conditions.
Keep clearly vision and avoid the blue light, not so much dark and not so much light.
Because of the Purple base lens color, you can see the sight through the lens with contrast.
This is suitable for Golf, Tennis, Trekking, Fishing and some other sports which needs the contrast view, in other word to view detail clearly.

This NXT lenses have prism-adjustment function, also it corrects a distortion of vision.

≪NXT lenses≫

NXT lens has the material (NXT polymer) with excellent strength and quality,
Excellent "impact resistance" and "optical performance without distortion."
UV more than 99.99 percent cut,
This lens will produce you excellent sight on the situation while in sports, leisure, and in every active action.

"NXT" is a material that was born from ultra-light protector development project by the US Army.
NXT material does not crack much and still keep their state under a strong shock, such as a bullet, yet it is the next generation materials that have cleared the stringent criteria of achieving an accurate view without distortion.

NXT material has no superior strength and distortion, has been adopted in the AH-64 Apache’s window from the characteristic that does not crack much and still keep their state under a strong shock.

Visit at the following link for more information about the features of the NXT lens. ↓




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  • Clear! definitely you can feel the the difference.
  • Look through the lenses it offer a sharp and contrast view.


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