ROMEO 2 - Orbital Screw (one pair) [R2-OS]

ROMEO 2 - Orbital Screw (one pair) [R2-OS]

Our Selling Price: US$16.00(tax incl.)

Quantity: pairs

High Quality - Orbital Screw for Romeo 2.0

The listing is for one pair of screws. 

As you can see the third picture, this screw works for the orbital part for Romeo 2.0 (or lens screw).

To change/replace the screws, it requires a Hexagon Wrench (not included, sell separately).

According to the unique shape (special size for Romeo 2.0), any screw maker doesn't have this type of screw as their standard product.

So we need to develop this product by ourselves from the mold, and we offer to screw maker to realize this screw.

Made in Japan quality screws.

Length : 3.5 mm
Material : Stainless steel
Tool required: Hexagon Wrench

Screws have the function of loose prevention.
The structure of screw is hard to become loose.
Because of the high quality material , you can use it repeatedly.


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