Etching service for lenses [LZ-EC]

Etching service for lenses [LZ-EC]

Our Selling Price: US$20.00(tax incl.)

Type text to engrave here:
Up to 13 characters.

Our Selling Price: US$20.00(tax incl.)



Etching service for lenses.

If you wish to put etching on your lens during the time of purchase , please bring this item to your shopping cart at the same time with the purchase of the lens.
Basically, we can engraved on the lower outside of the left lens(front side).
**Please choose font.
**Please mention the characters up to (13) as you like.

Please note that symbols and spaces are included in the number of characters.

 - @ : # ? 「 」 we can accept these kind of characters.


In addition to the alphabet, Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, Hangul, Chinese, and other images and characters will be engraved if requested.

You can etch other than the above three fonts, but in that case a design fee of US$20 will be charged.
If you want to etch with special characters, please contact us from "Inquiry/ Contact us".


*We do not etch the OAKLEY logo, X-METAL, or ICHIRO51 due to copyright issue.

* This service is only available for the new lenses that are purchased from our shop, we dont accept the used lens. 


Other Photos

  • Font 1 / Square 721 Bold
  • Font 2 / Segoe Script Bold
  • Font 3 / News 701 Bold


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