Half-X Rubber Parts - OEM Rootbeer [HX-RB-OEM]

Half-X Rubber Parts - OEM Rootbeer [HX-RB-OEM]

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HALF-X Rubber set - Root beer


OEM, new unobtainium (unused / storage item).
The color is root beer (transparent brown).

The condition is perfectly fine.

The contents of the set are as follows.


HALF-X Rubber Set / Root Beer

  • A apir of Earsocks ( L&R : Made in USA  / CE)
  • Nose pad Large (L&R)
  • Nose pad Small (L&R)

Not include the gasket. 


Now it's very difficult to find. don't miss it!

The information about the Half-X Gasket,

You can use X-Squared gasket to Half-X.


Cut a part with scissors as shown in the picture below. 


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