MARS - Dichro Green [MA-DG]

MARS - Dichro Green [MA-DG]

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Dichro Green

The mirror is similar to our Greenjade.
Because the transmissivity of the base lens is high, they look like a clear blue and green lens. These lenses offer a transparent feeling and the contrast offer an easy view.

Looking through the lens provide you a little purple color.

It is a recommend lenses for a cloudy weather and/or indoor use.
If use under a bright condition, maybe you feel uncomfortable due to inside reflection of the mirror.

 <About Lens>

  • Mirror : Green
  • Light transmission : 53.00%
  • See through : Pale Purple
  • Reflectivity : Low
  • Thickness : 2.0mm-1.8mm
  • Lens curve : 8



  • UV cut
  • Impact protection




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