This is a step by step instruction on how to change the nosebridge pin (and the nosebridge coupler if needed).

This Pin Pusher device can be used for the following frames Oakley Mars, Juliet, X-Metal XX, Penny and Romeo 2.
(For Oakley X-Squared, no need to use this device, because the nose bridge of X-Squared is not held by pin but with a nose screw which you can disassemble with a wrench tool, which is also available on our store.)

In our experience, we want to explain in more detail for how to revive the nose bridge part by using our Pin Pusher, flex cupler and pin (rivet).

Caption: Juliet polished with its nosebridge pin to be removed and replaced with a new pair.

First of all, before you start repairing, we'd recommend you to prepare following tools to make the process easy.
Round head grinder (it is a metal stick with griding at the tip), a bamboo stick, a tweezers (pincette), a T6 screw driver.

Remove both earstems from the frame to have enough space to replace the nosebridge pin smoothly.

Caption: Both earstems are taken down. (You may realize we use just two Washers per side)

Next, put the Pin Pusher on top of its box or something to have some extra space. 

 Caption: The Pin Pusher sits on top of its box.

Then follow the actions below...





Caption: Pin removal operation.

Hold the orbital tight, and start pushing the pin slowly.

In this phase, if you don't want to damage the tip of the pin, you should put in something between the push tip and the pin. Since we are not going to reuse them, we just push them out.




Caption: Pin removal operation.

Oakleys' original pin have a ring lock. Sometime it stuck inside the frame and make it difficult to remove the pin. Put a little force if you can and make sure the pin bottom is surely on the under-tip-hole.  Slowly doing it, and check, to avoid any damage!


  Caption: One pin removed successfully.

  Next, it's time for the other pin.







 Caption: Phew... another pin removed.

If you can remove both pin safety, remove the old coupler by using tweezers and clean the internal of the nose bridge.
After that, install a new pair of flex coupler and move to next step to install the pin by using the Pin Pusher.
(Our flex coupler don't have front and back. So you can use it in both direction.)


Nose Bridge Flex Coupler↓


Nose Bridge Pin↓


If you pull out both pin safely, and you are about to install a new pair of pin, here you can also check the nosebridge flex coupler whether it too needs a change.  

Attach the nose bridge flex coupler and then install it to the frame tightly.


For your reference, we show the pictures of an Oakley Juliet disassembly process↓

 Caption: Nice & clean.

Insert a new pin in the nosebridge hole and prepare it to be pushed in.

We have three types (colors) of the pin so you can select it by your frame color.

*About for re-use the old pin.
We don't recommend reusing the old pin which you just push out, because almost of all pin can not be reused due to in the removal process they get lock function brokek (the lock ring is teared), and the pin also get some scratch in romoving process.
You would understand once you remove the pin, it would not work tight fit again.
Please buy new pair of pin when you want to change.


Finally we move on to the final process to push the pin in.
In our experence, the most important processes are as follows:


1) Use the round head grinder to wideen the nosebridge hole a little bit in case you can not manually insert a new pin in (but you can ignore it if the pin got in smoothly)
2) Use the a bamboo stick to arrange the coupler, pin and the bridge hole


Before you push the pin, we recommend you to clean up the surface to remove the stain of the inside of the hole to make pin go into the frame easily.
But, don't grind the hole so strongly, please pay attension to it and don't make the bridege hole size to be too big.
The purpose of this process is only to just clean up.


After you make the surface smooth.
Push a bamboo stick into the hole to make all parts to be straight.

Remove the bamboo stick slowly, and install the new pin carefully by hand.


Caption: The pin get its head inside the hole and wait to be pushed.

 Caption: We use a microfiber cloth under the nosebridge, so front of nosebridge doesn't get scratched.

 Make sure the alignment of pin and the hole below, and push it in.







 Slowly pushing it in...

If you push the pin too much, the pin head pop out too much and may not look beautiful.
To avoid it, push the pin little by little while confirming the staying status of the pin head.



 Voila... the pin been pushed in perfectly. 



Then the second pin's time to be pushed.  Repeat the same precaution while doing it.











 And here we go, both pin fit perfectly.


 * LINEGEAR current generation of pin (rivet) has its round head.  They are available three color finished: Plasma, X-metal and Polished.


 ** Notice the pin tail did not enter fully, and this is absolutely fine.  We are working on to shorten it a few tiny milimiter, but one you push them in and check the head, they stay there, very firm, probably until 2 or 3 years later, to be replaced again.

And yeah, some say the nosebridge is the Pokemon head. We are happy and will bring more product and information which will add value to our X-metal customers.

The material of the X-Metal is titanium which is very durable.  If you can repair the looseness the nose bridge, you can make your X-Metal sunglasses tight again and you can use X-Metal almost forever.
And also we support X-Metal to stay alive with our replacement lenses and rubber parts.

In our experience, X-Metal sunglasses do have individual difference frame by frame. Maybe you already know about it.
But now we also notice the bridge space where the coupler stay in also have individual difference. This means, for some frame they will be get tighten by using our flex coupler, but for some frame it can not get enough tightness by using our flex coupler.
So, it is not the hardness of our coupler that is the reason. But anyway, this rubber supposed to help your sunglasses flex while you them on and take them off. We feel our flex coupler serve this purpose well.
The feeling of a repaired frame (with new pin and flex coupler) is different frame by frame, please take note about it.

How to chage the other parts, please click the link below.

Any comment/suggestion:

Thank you for supporting Linegear and enjoy your X-metal !