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Revive your Oakley X-Metal with our products.


"Titanium"   which is the material of X-METAL can be revived over and over again if you want!


LINEGEAR is supporting X-Metal user.

We have almost of all replacement parts for X-Metal as our original developed product.



  If you don't know about for X-Metal well.
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To know about the type of X-Metal frame


To know about how to replace X-Metal part


To know about how to replace the X-Metal lenses


To know about how to repair the X-Metal nose bridge




Better than any other third-party

because we focus only on Oakley X-Metal


We have parts for almost of all X-Metal frames and by 2018 it is in our 11th year of business.

With this said, we can say with confidence that we know what is the best for X-Metal,

and we have the skills.





High qualities products at an affordable price


We select only the best quality products for our customers.

Our products receive overwhelming support from the customers around the world.

Most customers express satisfaction on our products and service, second to that of Oakley’s

(*Most customers on OakleyForum where we publish a lot of testimonials, as well as maintaining a 100% positive feedback on our eBay store).

Durability, Function, and safety

Our lenses meet the standards of the Household Goods Quality Labeling Act by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan) as well as ANSI Z80.3, AS/NZS 1067 and EN12312.

ANSI Z80.3  (U.S. Driving suitability standard)

AS/NZS 1067 (Australia / New Zealand  Standard)  

EN12312 (Europe standard)

Made in Japan quality items provide you a satisfaction of using it.

We are handling global standard items which definitely make you satisfied





Now we are growing a global network


Members on our global website:

over 15,000 members


Japan website:

over 7000 members


As of August 2021 


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We are an official sponsor of OakleyForum



2014: LINEGEAR become an official sponsor of the site "Oakley Forum" (the United States),

the world's largest Oakley fan online forum. 


(On the top page of OakleyForum site, there is a link to LINEGEAR with a sponsor badge)








Our online stores








 We have our official online store on above platform which we have registered as an Brand.

We are providing customer the convenience to buy our items by having several sites.





Our focus points 







We think that X-Metal is expensive and is a special frame to you,

so it should be fit with a high function and high quality lenses.  

We give priority to find the best parts, the best one for X-Metals to last for a long time.

We hope you to enjoy making custom to your frame with different color lenses

and rubber and enjoy your X-Metal to the fullest.









It is our policy "make sure you are 100% satisfied";

we put effort to produce good quality items for every parts, one by one.
As a result of it, we can keep our product quality to a high level,

and accordingly we provide good quality items to the customer,

that now we got the reliance from our customer.
Now over half of our orders are from returning customer,

which means how we are trusted. We are grateful for that.







Response and Customer service

We will do our best to make our customer satisfied.
Our customer need is our priority. Inquiries are treated with a sense of professionalism and urgency.

Please place order with a peace of mind. 










Our lenses are cut by a high precision maching and are adjusted one by one by hand in the final process

to make sure they are perfectly fit to your frame. 

They are checked to find any distortion and are scratch free before shipping out to the customer.











It is our commitmen to maintain a customer's oriented service.

As of this article published, our eBay customer's feedback on ebay: 7119 / 100% Positive

Rating on Yahoo! Auction : 1703 / 100% Positive

As of August 2021 







About our company 


2006: LINEGEAR began in 2006 and mainly I sold custom lenses, of different color to Oakley, for the Oakley X-Metal series.
2007: I established an English version homepage, as well as having an eBay store, and started selling foreign customers.
2011: I started the sale of replacement rubber parts for X-Metal.

Later on, I added more products for the repair of the X-Metal frames such as a Washer, Orbital Screws, Temple Screws, Nosebridge Pin, Nosebridge Flex Coupler, and also the tool to work on them, the "Pin Pusher".












If you want to know something about for X-METAL, or have some question and problem, please feel free to ask us.

We won't cut corner to resolve your problems.

We have confidence to help you resolve your X-Metal problem with experience over the years.







LINEGEAR, Revive X-Metal!



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Location: Ninomiya 1-2-5-103 Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan

Postcode: 305-0051 


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