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LINEGEAR Japan make custom replacement lenses, rubber parts and other parts for Oakley X-Metal series.
In realizing the difficult situation to look for parts to exchange of for my X-Metal, since Oakley discontinued support service in 2012, I decide to make custom parts for the series, and to be able to use the X-METAL frame again, and I hope it works for all of you in future. The products which we sell, had been developed by LINEGEAR originally and is not part of Oakley company.

 << History of LINEGEAR >>

2006: I started in 2006 and mainly I sold custom lenses, of different color to Oakley, for the Oakley X-Metal series.
2007: I established an English version homepage, as well as having an eBay store, for beginning to sell to foreign countries.
2011: I started the sale of replacement rubber parts of different color in 2011. Later on, I added more products for the repair of the X-Metal frames such as a Washer,  Orbital Screws, Temple Screws, Nosebridge Pin, Nosebridge Flex Coupler, and also the tool to work on them "Pin Pusher".

2014: I become an official sponsor of the site "Oakley Forum" (the United States), the world's largest Oakley fan online forum. 

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 2016: We have working relationship with 16 resellers (local sale partner) in 10 countries aroud world as of 2016 and this contribute to the continuation of X-Metal legacy.

<< Countries where LINEGEAR Resellers exist >>



Our current sales platforms are: LINEGEAR (Japanese site), LINEGEAR (English site), eBay Store, Yahoo Auctions Store, Amazon Store (Japanese) and on the 16 LINEGEAR Reseller sites. 

LINEGEAR (Japanese) http://www.linegear-jp.com/

LINEGEAR (English) http://www.linegear-japan.com/

eBay Store  http://stores.ebay.com/linegearjapan

Yahoo! Auction Store  http://sellinglist.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/user/linegear_japan?ngram=1&u=linegear_japan

Amazon  https://www.amazon.co.jp/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_14304371?ie=UTF8&node=14304371&field-brandtextbin=LINEGEAR

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We try our best to offer a high quality & high-performance products.
In our 10 years experience (by 2017), we came to understand and master the skills to make lenses which will fit perfectly in your X-Metal. The X-Metal were hand finished and each frame tend to have a small individual difference, although at a very small percentage.

Maybe you feel it is old style, but we adjust to make all our lenses one by one by hand in final process to make sure they are perfectly fit to your frame and to check the distortion or scratch free before shipping out to the customer.

Maybe you feel our lenses are bit high price to compared with some other third party ones for X-Metals.

But, our policies are as follows.

We think that X-Metal is expensive and is a special frame to you, so it should be fit with a high function and high quality lenses.  We give priority to find the best parts, the best one for X-Metals to last for a long time. We hope you to enjoy making custom to your frame with different color lenses and rubber and enjoy your X-Metal to the fullest.
It is our policy "make sure you are 100% satisfied"; we put effort to produce good quality items for every parts, one by one.
As a result of it, we can keep our product quality to a high level, and accordingly we provide good quality items to the customer, that now we got the reliance from our customer.
Now over half of our orders are from returning customer, which means how we are trusted. We are grateful for that.


Even if, although this occurs rarely, we could send the lenses which cannot perfectly to fit the customers frame. By the individual frame difference, I think it will happen, it can not be avoided occuring that situation, because usually the lenses should be make for frame by frame.  But we are shipping lenses to the customer by not seeing the attatching frames (customer frame). 

But in such cases, LINEGEAR's staff will never give up to make lenses to fit your frame perfectly. We accept return, and refund if need be, and usually we re-ship them for you. We will never give up to making satisfied.
We will support you until make you satisfy, even it means if we lose the profit.
On this point of our customer service, we have a very kind support system, so you don't need to worry about it.
Please place order with peace of mind.
On our "After-Sale Service and Inquiry", we make effort to reply promptly and kindly by using of our experience and knowledge.

Our Marketing Manager also making effort every day to get new information concerning X-Metal to be stay alive and can provide good information to our customers. 



We really appreciate Oakley's X-Metal, it is an art in the sunglasses, and we treasure it.
And we hope to continue this legacy, to make X-Metal stay alive, because it is a special one.
Our pleasure is making people who love X-Metal to be happy. It is a very happy feeling for us to be continued our business in the future by knowing we are supporting all of you to enjoy your X-Metal.


And then, if the customer decide to place an order (choose us today) after having a read of our policy, understand our policy mentioned above, it is the most happiest thing to "me" as well.

Please keep in touch with Linegear in the future.

Thank you.