NXT The no ordinary, no compromise sun lens.





















WHY NXT🄬 is a no compromise sun lens?


Because it combines the finest of both optical clarity of mineral lenses and light weight of organic lense. It offers the excellent quality product with maximum resistance.
We guarantee the world's best quality, features, and transparency.




 The NXT lens has the following features. 


  • Optical clarity
  •  lightweight
  •  Impact resistance
  •  Material durability
  •  100% UV protection




It has all the features required for a sunglasses lens.


Impact resistance, sharpness, durability, heat resistance, lightweight and full functionality, comfort.



4 variations








By embedding a shaded dye inside the polymer,
Gives the highest quality and durable ultimate color accuracy ever.










NXT Photochromic (VARIA)



VARIA™ promotes promotes the optimal photochromic control of NXT® sun lens. 
It combines the following two important features.


1) Fast reaction rate (activation and color change speed)
2) Wide transmittance range(from cat. 0 (Tv 86% ) to cat. 3 (Tv 11%).


Depending on the scene, it provides an optimal view, so there is no need to attach or remove sunglasses.













POLARIZED symbolizes the polarized characteristic. Quality is coming from polarized film (protection against blinding reflective glare) made in Japan and protected within NXT® material for better protection against blinding reflective glare.













POLARIZED VARIA™ gathers all the benefits mentionned above!






Our Solutions




And one more option
NXT prescription lens







・ ICRX NXT lens
All the above functions + prescription lens
You can select as many functions as you need.You can design your favorite base lens and mirror as you like.
The highest grade sunglasses lens with lens ICRX NXT that IC Japan offers to the Japanese market.
 LINEGEAR has partnered with IC Japan to start accepting orders for  a prescription NXT lens for the X-METAL frame.


IC Japan Official website↓





What do you want from sunglasses lenses?
Driving, golf, tennis, fishing etc ...

Depending on the situation under the sun, the functions required may vary.

NXT lenses have features and variations that solve all those problems.
This lens is more advanced that offers you a way to solve many problems.
How about experiencing a new generation of lenses that evolve X-METAL?