How to replace the rubber parts of X-Metal


The color chart of LINEGEAR's rubber parts (12 colors)


  • Material: Silicone rubber
  • Coldproof temperature: -50 degrees Celsius
  • Heatproof temperature: 150 degrees Celsius
  • High water-repellent rubber


You can easily change the rubber parts yourself after reading this because it does not require any special skills. Linegear's rubber parts are made of silicone rubber.

Thanks to the material's features, it has the durability to maintain its function for a long time and also has heat-resistant and cold-resistant properties. There is no need to worry about any adverse effects of silicone rubber on the human body because it is pharmaceutical-grade.


When a sharp crack forms in the rubber, it may tear apart easily, so please be cautious when installing the rubbers on your frame.

Please attach the rubbers carefully; they may expand when subjected to high stress. Avoid repeated attachment, as it may weaken the clamping force of the rubber.

<Ear Socks>

The ear socks are designed to fit the frame tightly, which can make installation difficult for some users.

We recommend dipping the ear socks in hot water to soften the material.


Then, using a towel and your fingers, gently push and twist to install the ear socks onto the stems.



  • Length: 60mm for Juliet, Romeo 1.0, XX, Mars and Penny.
  • Length: 55mm for X-Squared.


<Nose Pads>

Nose pads have a right and a left side, and they are easy to install.





To install, place the upper side of the nose pad against the frame and slide it into position at the bottom. To remove, start from the lower side of the frame.


*Romeo 1.0: Installation is as simple as pushing it in, and removal is achieved by pulling it out.


Please click the link below to see the chart of the size of the nose pads.

"Size of the nose pads"

<Temple shocks>
The temple shocks doesn't have a right side and a left side. These are easy to install.
Just push it in to install and pull it out to remove.




Linegear's temple shocks Small - correspond to Oakley 15
Linegear's Temple shocks Medium - correspond to Oakley 25




The thickness of the temple shocks affects the width of the arms. Thinner (small) temple shocks result in wider arm spacing, while thicker (large) temple socks lead to narrower arm spacing.


Please choose based on the fit when wearing sunglasses.


If the Nose bridge is stiff (limited movement), start with the small (15) size. As the nose bridge loosens a bit over time, you can switch to the large (25) size.
This change will result in narrower arm spacing, altering the fit when wearing sunglasses.


The gasket works as a cushion between the lens and frame.

You will need a T6 screwdriver when changing the gasket.



If you screw your lenses too strong, the lenses are easy to get a distortion due to the stress by screws.
This can lead to an uncomfortable and dizzy feeling when using the X-Metal. To have a comfortable experience, please use a rubber gasket at the orbital.
Be cautious about the stress on the lenses from a strong screw pressure.

Rubber parts interchangeable