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Shipping Methods and Costs

Standard Shipping / $6.00 - $7.00

Area Weight (less than 1)
North America US$7.00
Latin America US$28.00
Europe US$7.00
Africa US$7.00
Middle East US$7.00
Asia US$6.00
Oceania US$6.00
Europe2 (UPSまたはEMSのみ) US$24.00
Canada US$24.00
Asia2 US$6.00
United States US$29.50
Europe3(エストニア ラトビア リトアニア) US$7.00
南米eパケが行く国 US$8.00
日本国内 US$2.50

Free shipping if total purchase value exceeds US$150.00.

Takes 10 - 20 days to arrive / With tracking number

*Please note that currently, we can't ship to the following countries through this shipping method due to the pandemic of COVID 19 and unstable situation in Ukraine*  Please select "Express shipping".


× United States
× Canada
× United Kingdom
× Germany
× France

Express Shipping / $13.50 - $31.00 / EMS or UPS

North America Latin America Europe Africa Middle East
US$24.00 US$35.00 US$24.00 US$28.00 US$24.00
Asia Oceania Europe2 (UPSまたはEMSのみ) Canada Asia2
US$16.50 US$24.00 US$24.00 US$24.00 US$13.50
United States Europe3(エストニア ラトビア リトアニア) 南米eパケが行く国 日本国内
US$29.50 US$48.00 US$35.00 US$9.00  

Free shipping if total purchase value exceeds US$150.00.

Takes 5 - 10 days to arrive / With tracking number.

The shipping method and cost are differs depending on area or countries.
Basically, the order will be delivered via EMS (Japan post).


For the more details about shipping method, please check the link below.

Shipping service availability  ←Click



Prices include tax. No additional taxes will be added on checkout.


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