What is X-Metal?

X-Metal is a series of sunglasses, made with a special titanium alloy, developped by Oakley.

X-Metals have several models. Each model has several kind of frame finish (color): X-Metal / Plasma / Carbon / Polished.

For example, a Juliet have following four types, X-Metal, Plasma, Carbon, and Polished, even if the type of the frame finish is different, you can use all parts interchangeably: lens, rubber parts, screws,,, etc.

**Juliet and XX is similar, please confirm your frame before you place an order.

And if you can't identify your frame well, please feel free to contact us.

*** We are sorry, we don't sell parts for Half-X. 


X-Metal Serial Number List   you can also identify your frame by serial number, which you can find on the left ear-stem.



Most Juliet have a straight ear-stem.
Only the Juliet Polished has a hammer stem.

This is the model wear by Eric Bana in the Black Hawk Down movie.

Lens height: 32mm [maximum]
Lens width: 54mm [maximum]



The latest model is X-Squared appeared in 2009.
It has a shorter hammer stem ear-stems. It adopts a different nosebridge by dropping the pin and include a hex screw. It is easier to change/replace the flex couppler with our wrench.

Lens height: 35mm [maximum]
Lens width: 58mm[maximum]

Romeo 1.0

The frame is an amazing creation in a 3 pieces forms joined together. It is the most classic of all X-Metal. It is used by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2, and the legend basketball player Michael Jordan.

Lens height: 37mm [maximum]
Lens width: 60mm[maximum]

Romeo 2.0


This Romeo 2.0 is lightweight, half rim metal makes wearing for a long time comfortable.

Lens height: 38mm [maximum]
Lens width: 64mm[maximum]

X-Metal XX

Oakley XX looks identical to the Juliet, but you can easily recognize the wider orbital and XX come only in hammer ear-stems.

Lens height: 37mm [maximum]
Lens width: 55mm[maximum]


Penny has a distinguish long narrow cat eyes lens.

It is wear by James Marsden (Cyclops) in the movie "X-MEN".

Lens height: 29mm [maximum]
Lens width: 53mm[maximum]


It is easy to identify Mars with its round orbital. Actor Brad Pitt use it in the movie "Fight Club", and again it is wear by Michael Jordan.

Lens height: 40mm [maximum]
Lens width: 43mm[maximum]