X-METAL XX - Navy Blue - Polarized [XX-NB-POLA]

X-METAL XX - Navy Blue - Polarized [XX-NB-POLA]

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 Navy Blue - Polarized

· Base Lens: Dark Brown (It brightens the field of view and makes the contrast of the scenery sharper.)
· Mirror: Deep Blue (It is similar to Oakley's Ice Iridium)
· Light Transmission: 16.89% (Category 3: It is rare that the eyes can be seen from outside)
· 8 curve lens (Thickness: Nose 2.0mm / Temple 1.6mm)
· Polycarbonate material (It is a material which is excellent in impact resistance and does not break easily.)
· UV cut function
· Hydrophobic (water repellent function)
· With prism correction function
· It is a polarized lens.
· Anti-Reflective coating (It is a function to prevent reflection of light entering from the back side.)
· T6 screwdriver is required exclusively for lens exchange, sell separately.

The color is almost same as Oakley "Ice Iridium". It offers a clear vision and avoid the blue light, well-balanced not so much dark and not so much light.

Make your vision to be light and can reduce glare, also it is easy-to-use in all day-time activities.

Looking through the lenses is brown and it offer a contrast view, you can use this lens for long time without stress.

This is suitable for Running, Walking, and some other sports without contrast view.

* It is NOT recommended to use for a night time driving!! 

To change/replace the lens, it requires a T6 Screw Driver (not included, sell separately).



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