JULIET - Green Jade - Polarized [JU-GJ-POLA]

JULIET - Green Jade - Polarized [JU-GJ-POLA]

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Green Jade - Polarized

· Base Lens: Dark Purple
· Mirror: Green (It will be similar to Oakley's Jade Iridium)
· Light Transmission: 9.38% (Category 3: It is rare that the eyes can be seen from outside)
· 8 curve lens (Thickness: Nose 2.0mm / Temple 1.6mm)
· Polycarbonate material (It is a material which is excellent in impact resistance and does not break easily.)
· UV cut function
· Hydrophobic (water repellent function)
· With prism correction function
· It is a polarized lens.
· Anti-Reflective coating (It is a function to prevent reflection of light entering from the back side.)
· T6 Screwdriver is required exclusively for lens exchange, sell separately.



It has a Dark purple base lens with green mirror.
Due to the purple base lens color, you can see the object with contrast. (you can recognise the outline easily)
Looking at it, it looks a vivid green; seeing from the side, you can see the purplish blue color on surface (edge) of the lens.
The combination with green and blue rubber set is very beautiful.
Looking through the lens is Purple.
This lens have a prism-adjustment function, which corrects a distortion of vision.
It is NOT recommended to use for a night time driving!
To change/replace the lens, it requires a T6 Screw Driver (not included, sell separately).


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