PENNY - Liquid Metal - Polarized [PE-LM-POLA]

PENNY - Liquid Metal - Polarized [PE-LM-POLA]

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Liquid Metal - Polarized

Silver mirror with a dark gray lens.

On reflection time, this lens shows bright silver color like a mirror.

It keep almost all the light transmission out which can also reduce glare, also it is easy-to-use in all day-time activities.
Looking through the lenses is gray, it offer a natural view, you can use this lens for long time with no stress.

This is suitable for Running, Walking, and some other sports without contrast view.

<About Lens>

  • Mirror : Silver
  • Light transmission : 10.06%
  • See through : Gray
  • Reflectivity : High
  • Thickness : 2.0mm-1.6mm
  • Lens curve : 8



  • Decentered lens (Prism correction function)
  • UV protection
  • Impact protection (Polycarbonate)
  • Hydrophobic (Water repellent function)
  • Anti reflection (Prevent reflection of light entering from the back side.)

To change/replace the lens, it requires a T6 Screw Driver (not included, sell separately).



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