JULIET Side Blinder - X-Metal Color [JU-SB-XM]

JULIET Side Blinder - X-Metal Color [JU-SB-XM]

Our Selling Price: US$83.00(tax incl.)

Side Blinder  - X-Metal color

Material : Flexible Rubber

Weight : 13.5 g (1 pair)

How to attach Side Blinder?

The process is easy,you just attach the side blinder in your frame.

Unfortunately, It can get separated with a strong force.
So, If you want to use this side blinder while you playing sports,or while riding Bike and bicycle.
I recommend you to paste both side with tape or something else to make it more stable and also avoid it from falling out.

Because of the attachment,Air flow space will be narrow which makes your lenses foggy compared to normal.

In this case, You should better use antifog lens or vented lens.


  • While attaching the Side blinder make sure that your orbital is closed with the screw, to avoid the damage in your Side blinder. Incase,if you try installing the Side Blinder into your unclosed orbital it can be the main reason behind the crack in your Side Blinder.So the user of Slide Blinder need to pay attention and carefull while attaching the Slide Blinder in the Frame.
  • The Edge of Silde blender is sensetive so user need to be carefull while installing it with the frame.
  • Side Blinder should not be stored with direct contact with sunlight.Due to high temperature,it might melt the Side Blinder. 

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