JULIET - Ruby Clear [JU-RC]

JULIET - Ruby Clear [JU-RC]

Our Selling Price: US$45.99(tax incl.)

Ruby Clear
*Mirror: Red
*Base lens: Clear
*Transmissivity: 94%
*Lens curve: 8
*Material: Polycarbonate
*Blocking 100% of UVA/UVB
*Low Reflectivity: Others will be able to see wearer's eyes most conditions.


Clear base lens with a red mirror hue.
For non-reflective time, it seems only clear (the color of the mirror doesn't appear). But when reflected, it appear a little Red on the mirror.


This lens is only for indoor use, ie for safety reason or a hobby use with your X-metal while working.


To change/replace the lens, it requires a T6 Screw Driver (not included, sell separately).



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