★New Lens Information★ "UV420 Lens"

★New Product Information★


UV420 Non-Polarized and Polarized lens.



Dear Customer.

Thank you for always supporting us.

Today we start selling UV420 lenses.
It has high function to cut UV until 420nm.(Cut UVA, UVB 100% and cut HEV until 420nm)
At the same time, we have adjusted the color of the mirror coating to be better than before.


Premium Red Polarized lens for Penny and Tanzanite Polarized lens↓


Premium Red - Polarized lens for JULIET↓

It is almost similar to Oakley "Ruby Iridium".

Please choose this color if you are looking for the replacement lens of Ruby Iridium.

We have renewed following lenses to UV420 base lens.


★Polarized lenses

  •  NB10 - Polarized
  •  Premium Red - Polarized
  • Tanzanite - Polarized


★Non - Polarized lenses

  • Premium Red
  • Tanzanite

Due to upgrade in the function of the lenses, the prices have increased a little bit ($3.00 per each pair).
Please agree and understand it.



X-SQUARED Premium Red↑

JULIET Tanzanite↓

JULIET NB10 Polarized↓

NB10 is almost similar to Oakley "Ice Iridium".

Function of UV420 lens



Please feel free to contact us if you have some inquiries.


Thank you!







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