When is the right time to change your nose-bridge flex coupler?

The nose-bridge is necessary that it allows the X-METAL frame fitting well on your face. It makes frame wider by sliding sideway.

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The internal flex coupler rubber part has been facilitating this internal movement. After a long time use, it is deteriorating gradually because it absorbed damages from the pressure of movement.

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Then flex coupler rubber part would be melted inside the frame and become unstable and which lead to a looseness of the X-METAL sunglasses on your face.

If that is the case, then it is time to change your nose bridge flex coupler.

The flex coupler rubber parts inside a nose bridge works to make frame flexible so it won't be as tight as a brand new nose-bridge even after you change nose bridge. This is normal. But the restoration of the flex coupler bring a firmness of the nose-bridge back and it reduces any potential damage from the wear of the nose-bridge itself.

When you feel frame is too wide or loose to wear, you can adjust it by changing the temple shock to a large size.

From our nose-bridge tune up of over 100 frames, we have a conviction that there are individual difference of the nose-bridge of the X-METAL. There are frames which by just putting a new pair of LINEGEAR flex coupler, they become very tight just like new. While there are other frames, even after putting a new pair of flex coupler, the firmness doesn't feel much tightness, however it has improved better than with the melted flex coupler. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure of changing the flex coupler, we are here to help.


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