How to Remove a C-Ring  and

How to Change/Remove a Mars lens.


We would like to introduce the method without using any special tool.

We usually use a small minus screw driver tool for "watch repair"  which you can get easily from any home center.

It is ok not to usethis tool, but we need the flat tip and small size for this process.

Using this flat tip screw driver,  little by little make the C-Ring to be open wider.

We recommend you to protect your frame and lens by something before you start this process.

It is a very sensitive work, so please do this carefully. In some cases it helps this work smoothly by using two screw drivers.

One is for open the C-Ring wider, and another one is for removing the C-Ring out.

To make the C-Ring get wider, as above picture, push the tip of the screw driver on to the hook to open a space, therefore make the out C-Ring wider.

Use another screw driver to push the C-Ring away.

In the final process the C-Ring become loose enough, you can remove it by hand.

In a rare case to remove it, the C-Ring will be broken.

We recommend that you to replace a new C-Ring every time you change the lens.

We don't recommend the re-use of C-Ring because their grip is not strong enough.

Install the lens to the frame.

Mars lens has a bump on the upper temple side, use it to confirm installation direction like in the picture above.  

Please attach the lens direction correctly.

Tighten the C-Ring by a plier tools.


For your reference, you can see a YouTube video by an X-Metal user(lalo Castro pc)

Please click the link below and watch it.

Thank you