Non-Polarized Lens

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  • MARS - 24K Gold - UV420

    MARS - 24K Gold - UV420 [MA-24K]

    US$48.99(tax included)

     24K Gold UV420  Non-Polarized lens   Looking through the lenses is Br…

  • MARS - Tanzanite - UV420

    MARS - Tanzanite - UV420 [MA-TN]

    US$48.99(tax included)

     Tanzanite UV420  Non-Polarized lens It keeps all of the light out and can also …

  • MARS - Premium Red - UV420

    MARS - Premium Red - UV420 [MA-PR]

    US$48.99(tax included)

     Premium Red UV420 Non-Polarized lens This lens has almost the same mirror coating as…

  • MARS - Liquid Metal

    MARS - Liquid Metal [MA-LM]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Liquid MetalSilver mirror with a dark gray lens. On reflection time, this lens shows bright silver c…

  • MARS - NB10

    MARS - NB10 [MA-NB10]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    NB10 Dark Gray base lens with Blue mirror.High reflectivity : Others can not see wearer's eyes …

  • MARS - Flash Black

    MARS - Flash Black [MA-FB]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Flash Black Silver mirror with a dark gray lens. This lens is similar to Oakley "Black Iridium"…

  • MARS - Red Mirror

    MARS - Red Mirror [MA-RM]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Red MirrorDark Ruby lens.Medium Reflectivty: Others will not see wearer's eyes in most conditions, e…

  • MARS - Cardinal Red

    MARS - Cardinal Red [MA-CR]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Cardinal RedThe hue of the lens is Orange and Gold. This lens has almost the same mirror coating as …

  • MARS - Gold Mirror

    MARS - Gold Mirror [MA-GM]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Gold MirrorThe impression of the color(see from in front) is dark gold with an elegance feeling.&nbs…

  • MARS - Violet

    MARS - Violet [MA-VI]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Violet <About Lens>Mirror : PurpleLight transmission : 12.50%See through : GreenReflectiv…

  • MARS - Green Jade

    MARS - Green Jade [MA-GJ]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Green JadeLooking at it, it looks a vivid green; seeing from the side, you can see the purplish blue…

  • MARS - Turquoise Blue

    MARS - Turquoise Blue [MA-TB]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Turquoise BlueLooking through the lens is purplish brown.It offer a high contrast while cutting a st…

  • MARS - Saxe Blue

    MARS - Saxe Blue [MA-SB]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Saxe BlueThis lens is similar to Oakley "Saphire Iridium". Others will not see wearers eye in most c…

  • MARS - Navy Blue

    MARS - Navy Blue [MA-NB]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Navy BlueMedium -Low Reflectivty: Others will not see wearer's eyes in most conditions, exept under …

  • MARS - Lapis Blue

    MARS - Lapis Blue [MA-LB]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Lapis Blue <About Lens>Mirror : BlueLight transmission : 17.89%See through : BrownReflect…

  • MARS - Jewelry Blue

    MARS - Jewelry Blue [MA-JB]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Jewelry Blue <About Lens>Mirror : BlueLight transmission : 34.91%See through : BrownRefle…

  • MARS - Ruby Clear

    MARS - Ruby Clear [MA-RC]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Ruby ClearFor non-reflective time, it seems only clear (the color of the mirror doesn't appear). But…

  • MARS - Titanium Clear

    MARS - Titanium Clear [MA-TC]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Titanium ClearImpression of the color (see from in front) is silver with a transparent feeling. Beca…

  • MARS - Mahogany brown

    MARS - Mahogany brown [MA-MB]

    US$45.99(tax included)

    Mahogany Brown This is suitable for Running, Walking and some other sports with no contrast vie…