X-METAL XX - Gold Varia - NXT® VARIA™ Photochromic [XX-NXTV-GV]

X-METAL XX - Gold Varia - NXT® VARIA™ Photochromic [XX-NXTV-GV]

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VARIA™ promotes the optimal photochromic control of NXT® sun lens. 
It combines the following two important features.

1) Fast reaction rate (activation and color change speed)
2) Wide transmittance range(from cat. 0 (Tv 86% ) to cat. 3 (Tv 11%).

 Depending on the scene, it provides an optimal view, so there is no need to attach or remove sunglasses. 


NXT® VARIA™ Photochromic Lens - Gold Varia


Clear and Sharp!

Definitely you can feel the the difference. 

Usually it shows the tint in lighter gold (Light transmission 50%) on the situation non-UV,

and it change the color to darker gold when you in a place with strong sunlight.(Light transmission 12%)

Of course, the color does not change at both extremes, but it changes from 50% to 12% to the light transmission according to the environment on the spot.


When you use it while driving it does not change the color so much as the glass window of the car already have UV cut function.


This NXT® lens have a prism-adjustment function, and also it corrects a distortion of vision.



The state-of-the-art NXT® material is the property of Essilor Sun Solution and it is provided by I.C Japan, authorized dealer in Japan.

The Mirror coating and AR coating is assembled in Japan by I.C.JAPAN Co.Ltd.








Maybe you will feel for a moment as if you got prescription lens when you start using this lens, it provides such a clearer and sharper view.



You won`t feel stress even if you use it for a long time. 

<About Lens>

  • Mirror : Gold
  • Light transmission : 12% - 50%
  • Lens curve : 8
  • Thickness : 2.1mm - 1.8mm
  • See through : Pale yellow (In the spot non-UV)  to Gray (In a spot with strong sunlight)
  • Reflectivity : Medium -  Low to High


  • Decentered lens (Prism correction function)
  • 100% UV protection
  • Impact protection
  • Hydrophobic (Water repellent function)
  • AR coating(Back side)
  • Scratch protection


T6 screwdriver is required exclusively for lens exchange, sell separately.





Other Photos

  • Photochromic NXT® lens with gold mirror.
    The range of the light transmission is 12% to 50%.
    Left : 50%
    Right : 12%
  • It is a page of NXT® function explanation. Please have a read it by clicking the link below.



  • Base lens color (without mirror coating)

    Left: Pale yellow (In a spot non-UV)
    Right: Gray (In a spot with strong sunlight)


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