HALF-X - Ice -NXT® EMBEDDED Non-Polarized [HX-NXT-ICE]

HALF-X - Ice -NXT® EMBEDDED Non-Polarized [HX-NXT-ICE]

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NXT® EMBEDDED (Non-Polarized Lens)

By embedding a shaded dye inside the polymer,
It gives the highest quality and durable ultimate color accuracy ever.

NXT® EMBEDDED - Non-Polarized Lens - Ice


Clear and Sharp!

The NXT® lenses have prism-adjustment function, and it also corrects the distortion of vision.


Mirror coating :Blue.  Very similar to Oakley Ice Iridium.



AR coating


See through : Gray


This is suitable for Running, Walking, and some other sports with no contrast view. 

The state-of-the-art NXT® material is the property of Essilor Sun Solution and it is provided by I.C Japan, authorized dealer in Japan.

The Mirror coating and AR coating is assembled in Japan by I.C.JAPAN Co.Ltd.(Sabae factory)


ICRX NXT® 396/15 (I.C.JAPAN Co.Ltd.)





Maybe you will feel for a moment as if you got prescription lens when you start using this lens, it provides such a clearer and sharper view.



You won`t feel stress even if you use it for a long time. 

<About Lens>

  • Mirror : Blue
  • Light transmission : 11%
  • Lens curve : 8
  • Thickness : 2.1mm - 1.8mm
  • See through : Dark gray
  • Reflectivity : High


  • Decentered lens (Prism correction function)
  • 100% UV protection
  • Impact protection
  • Hydrophobic (Water repellent function)
  • AR coating(Back side)
  • Scratch protection


T6 Screw Driver is required exclusively for lens exchange, sell separately.



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