Frame and rubber parts ★ X-SQUARED X-Metal Refinished Frame [XS-XM-227]

Frame and rubber parts ★ X-SQUARED X-Metal Refinished Frame [XS-XM-227]

Our Selling Price: US$390.00(tax included)

Weight: 1


X-Squared / X-Metal  Refinished Frame (Lens not included)

Item details

X-SQUARED / X-Metal 

Frame condition : 9.9 / 10

Lens : Not included

Nose Bridge : Tuned by Nose Bridge Flex Coupler 90 - Dark Gray


Rubber parts : Olivedrab (Complete Rubber Set)

Screws : New orbital screw, New temple screw and Nose Bridge Screw

Temple washers : New

SKU : 006011-03  58O20


No additional equipment (No box, No microfiber bag)

We refinished X-Squared to very good condition like brand new.  The frame is very good condition.
Please confirm the condition of the frame by seeing the pictures well.

The color of the frame (Dark gray)  is not a paint, we anodized it like X-Metal finish after removed all of scratches by sandblasting.  So the color will not get discolored easily.


The process of refinishing, Please check our official blog by clicking the link below.

エックスメタル フレームリフレッシュについて★ロメオ1を完璧にリフレッシュしてみました。 | LINEGEAR-Japan オフィシャルブログ (


スーパーリフレッシュについて(Japanese website)


The Olive drab" rubber parts are attached in the pictures, but you can change the color of rubber parts to different colors.
*Please leave the note about it on remark section while palcing a order if you want to change it to some other colors.

Lens is not included, if you buy lens together with this frame, we can install it.



There is no lens attached, so please do not misunderstand that point. If you purchase the lens at the same time with this frame, it will be attached and shipped.

Please order your own X-SQUARED combo by choosing the color of lens and rubber parts. Of course, you can order this frame without lens.


About the shipping : Only Express shipping acceptable.


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