Juliet Side-blinder - Dark gray [JU-SBL-DG]

Juliet Side-blinder - Dark gray [JU-SBL-DG]

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Juliet Side-blinder  - Dark gray 

Material : Flexible Rubber

Weight : 10.0g (5g per piece)

This Side-blinder securely holds the frame tight once attached.

It features a lightweight and flexible design.

The color is dark gray, complementing the X-Metal Juliet perfectly.



  • When attaching the Side-blinder, ensure that the orbital is closed tightly with the screw to avoid damage. Attempting to install it into an unclosed orbital can cause cracking.

  • Handle with care during attachment.

  • Do not store the Side-Blinder in direct contact with strong sunlight, as high temperatures may cause material transformation.
  • Due to the attachment, the airflow space will be narrowed, leading to potential fogging of your lenses compared to normal. In such cases, it is recommended to use anti-fog lenses or vented lenses for better results.

  •  Due to individual variations in frames, there may be rare instances where the Side-blinder does not fit snugly. In such cases, consider using double-sided tape or a similar adhesive to enhance the attachment and ensure a proper fit with the frame.



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