Oakley X-Squared Nosebridge Tune Up Service and X-Metal Color Frame Refinish [XS-NB-RRX]

Oakley X-Squared Nosebridge Tune Up Service and X-Metal Color Frame Refinish [XS-NB-RRX]

Our Selling Price: US$80.75

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Please go through the details below before placeing your order.


This sevice is only for match the frame color in X-Metal (SKU: OO6011-03). Please confirm your frame color before bringing it to your shopping cart.


What is X-Metal?

X-Metal frame is dark gray color with rough surface one. You can see X-Metal in the picture below.


X-SQUARED - Nose Bridge Tune Up and X-Metal Frame Refinish.

About for Frame rifinish.


we can revive it like a new products by reconstructing the old one. small scratches on the surface and discolor will removed by this refinish service.


After Refinish



Frame refinsih does not mean to paint and change the color to make it new but instead we anodise frame where you can feel slightly increase or thickness of the surface of metal and change the color to X-Metal. So, that to keep it's color long lasting in the future without discolor.

  • We will keep the SKU.

**Please keep in mind that this service is only accept the frame color of  X-Metal. We dont accept any other frame for example Polished to X-Metal, Plasma to X-Metal,,,, etc.


After refresh the frame will revive like new! Get a makeover to your old frame with scratches.

Please watch Youtube video below.

You can see the process of refinishing in this video.

About for Nose bridge tune up

We will change the temple washer to new, and change the nose bridge flex coupler.(these parts prices are included in the selling price)

It means, after finishing this service, your frame will revive like new on its function.(We resolve loosness of  nose bridge and loosness of arm part.)


Please place order like you place normal order with adding this service in your shopping cart.

If you bought lens and rubber parts or some other parts at the same time in this order, Plese describe if you want to attach it or not in remark section. We can change these parts for free!!!! (don't take additional attaching fee)

Pay Attention!!!

If you don't describe about it, We will send back your frame without changing(Just combine the item in the package)

After you palce order how to do

After your place the order, Please send your frame to us. The shipping address is below.



It depends on you whatever shipping method you choose.

(We leave it to you if you choose any shipping method, we recommend it to ship it with tracking number)

  • Please declare the value of you package lower and describe it as a "Used sunglass for repair" on shipping label to avoid import tax.


  • If you mention merchandise as the product details, we need to pay high cost for receiving the product So it will be better if customer will mention category as other while sending their sunglasses for repair. Customer can mention their product as "used sunglass for repair" to decribe the product detail information.

  • Please pay the shipping fee of your frame when you ship it to us.
  • We will finish this service within 2 to 3 weeks.

We will send back your frame by EMS after finish, and provide you a tracking number of your package.


<<Shipping address>>


1-2-5-103 Ninomiya Tsukuba city, Ibaraki, Japan 305-0051




  • When you send your frame to us, No need to remove any parts. We can remove and change it by ourselves.
  • If you buy some other parts at the same time in your order, we will combined and ship it back along with tune up sevices.
  • Due to the longtime use, Sometime the gasket is broken. There is no gurantee of gasket. In this case we will contact you to add gasket price. Plese understand it. We (try to keep your gasket to remove  with safety)will take great care to removing process to protect it.
  • We take holiday in Saturday and Sunday. The estimated time to finish this service is not included our holidays.




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