Temple washers for MARS (10 pcs) [WS]

Temple washers for MARS (10 pcs) [WS]

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Temple Washer

The washers are used for attaching temples.


Have you ever felt the temples loosening when you use your sunglasses for a long time?
You could improve the looseness by changing the washers.

We have paid special attention to this material.
Although you may not hear this material name very often, DURACON is a kind of industrial plastic.
DURACON is a light material, which has an excellent balance of characteristics such as high heat resistance, fatigue resistance, and abrasion resistance, and it is used in many applications centered on automobile and mechanical components including gears, screws, and bearings; it is also excellent in rub resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, self-lubrication, creep performance, fatigue endurance, and stiffness,
so you can use these high performance washers for a long time by changing to our washers.


Material: Polyacetal (DURACON)
Color: Milky white
Heat proof temperature: 110°C
Thickness: 0.3 mm



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