Power Grip TORX Screwdriver [T6-SD-H]

Power Grip TORX Screwdriver [T6-SD-H]

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Power Grip TORX Screwdriver


This is a tool we believe every X-Metal owner should have. The small T6 screwdriver can assist with easy screwing, but improper use may lead to a stripped screw head.


This screwdriver features a comfortable handle and a robust head, as it is manufactured by the company (Vessel) through a special process to increase the head's hardness. The screw head will not easily break, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.


Over time, rust may develop on some screws in the X-Metal frame, making screw removal difficult. This screwdriver is designed to address such situations effectively. It proves to be a valuable tool for you.

Item materials:

Fully hardened chrome vanadium steel with Champagne Gold plating for maintaining tip precision.
Acetate resin ergonomic handle.

This screwdriver can be used to remove screws from the following parts:


Temple part

  • Romeo 1
  • Mars
  • Juliet
  • X-Metal XX
  • Romeo 2
  • X-Squared.

Orbital part

  • Romeo 1
  • Juliet
  • X-Metal XX
  • Penny
  • X-Squared
  • Badman
  • Madman


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    By Bruno Barbosa
    The best quality.
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