Power Grip TORX Screwdriver [T6-SD-H]

Power Grip TORX Screwdriver [T6-SD-H]

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Power Grip TORX Screwdriver

This is a tool we suppose X-Metal owner should own one.
The small T6 screwdriver has can help with easy screw, but it could lead to a stripped screw head if used improperly.
This screwdriver has a comfortable holding handle and it has a very strong head because this company(Vessel) made this screwdriver by a special process to make its head harder. The screw head will NOT be broken easily.  The high quality material makes it durable and lasts a long time.


From a long time use, rust develops on some screws on the X-Metal frame, and in some cases you can't remove the screws well due to rust. When you use this screwdriver, you can resolve such a difficult situation easily. It is a very helpful item for you.


Item material:
- Fully hardened chrome vanadium steel. Champaign Gold plating to maintain tip precision.
- Acetate resin ergonomic handle.


This item works well for almost of all X-Metal frame as below:
Temple screw: Romeo 1.0, Mars, Juliet, X-Metal XX, Romeo 2.0 and X-Squared.
Orbital screw: Romeo 1.0, Juliet, X-Metal XX, Penny, X-Squared, Badman and Madman.



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