Oakley Juliet Nosebridge Tune Up Service [NB-REP]

Oakley Juliet Nosebridge Tune Up Service [NB-REP]

Our Selling Price: US$42.00

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Oakley X-Metal Nosebridge Tune-up Service


This service includes:

  • Replace one pair of pins
  • Replace one pair of flex couplers
  • Replace the temple washers

*The cost of parts for the fixtures used in these repairs is already included in the sale price, so there is no need to purchase them separately.


Read the link below to decide whether to have a tune-up or not:

When is the right time to change your nose-bridge flex coupler? 


Once you make a purchase, the fee is for the tune-up service, while the shipping fee is for returning the frame back to you.

Please prepare to ship your frame to our company by paying for it yourself. If possible, inform us of the tracking information.

Once we receive the frame, complete the tune-up, and we will send it back to you.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements, such as changing the pin color different from the frame finish, before we ship it out to you.

If you have any inquiries, you can reach us from inquiry section.


Please go through the details below before placing your order.


We will change the temple washer to new and replace the nose bridge flex coupler and nose bridge pin (the prices for these parts are included in the selling price).


This means that after completing this service, your frame will be revived to function like new. We address issues such as the looseness of the nose bridge and arm part.

Please place your order as you would for a regular purchase, adding this service to your shopping cart.

If you've also purchased lenses, rubber parts, or any other components in this order, please specify in the remarks section whether you would like them attached or not. We can change these parts for free, without any additional attachment fees.


If you don't provide specific instructions, we will send back your frame without making any changes (simply combining the items in the package).

After you place order how to do

After you place the order, Please send your frame to us. The shipping address is below.


1-2-5-103 Ninomiya Tsukuba Ibaraki
305-0051 Japan
Tel : 029-893-3685




It depends on you whatever shipping method you choose. (We leave it to you if you choose any shipping method, we recommend it to ship it with tracking number)

Please declare the value of you package lower and describe it as a "Used sunglass for repair" on shipping label to avoid import tax.

  • If you mention merchandise as the product details, we need to pay high cost for receiving the product So it will be better if customer will mention category as other while sending their sunglasses for repair. Customer can mention their product as "used sunglass for repair" to describe the product detail information.

  • Please pay the shipping fee of your frame when you ship it to us.

We will complete this service within 5 to 10 days. Once the repair is finished, we will send back your frame via EMS and provide you with a tracking number for your package.



<<Shipping address>>


1-2-5-103 Ninomiya Tsukuba city, Ibaraki, Japan 305-0051




  • When you send your frame to us, there is no need to remove any parts. We can remove and change them ourselves. If you purchase some other parts at the same time in your order, we will combine and ship them back along with the tune-up services.
  • Due to long-term use, sometimes the Orbital gasket is broken. There is no guarantee for the gasket. In this case, we will contact you to add the gasket price. Please understand that we will take great care in the removal process to protect it (we try to keep your gasket safe during removal).
  • We take holidays on Saturday and Sunday. The estimated time to finish this service does not include our holidays.

For your reference, please watch Youtube video. (Work description of Nose bridge tune up)



  • 5
    thank you so much
    By Anonymous
    I’m so grateful, my Juliet was brought back to life perfectly
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  • 5
    This was a specialised request!
    By RTS Hudson
    I wanted a full service, however I had previously stripped an orbital screw while trying to remove it. It had been there since new.. ~15 years.

    Line-Gear were happy to take the job after seeing photos of the issue. Only Charging a penance for their skills of removal & replacing (~$15 USD)

    I chose the extra hard 90 couplers which give a super snug, slightly right fit (great when running or playing sports) & a set of Premium Red Lenses.

    The end result was night & day, money well spent! The glasses look new again!
    My previous lenses (black Polarised) had began to bubble, so to have a great set of lenses again at a reasonable price was so good!

    Tune up, installation, items & screw removal were all faultless!

    Truly Line-Gear are X-metal specialist!
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  • 5
    My tired old Juliets are new again!
    By RTS Hudson
    Incredible work, couldn't be happier!
    Line-Gear installed new pins, couplers, washers & gaskets for me!
    I also opt'd in for etching which turned out lovely too!
    I'm full of kind words because the 4 times I've used Line-Gear, they have been bang on every time!!
    Very reasonable prices, very quick turn around & top quality!

    I hope the photos can help do them justice!
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