PENNY - Flash Black - Polarized [PE-FB-POLA]

PENNY - Flash Black - Polarized [PE-FB-POLA]

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Flash Black - Polarized

Silver mirror with a dark gray lens.
This lens has almost the same mirror coating as Oakley "Black Iridium".

It keep almost all the light transmission out which can also reduce glare, also it is easy-to-use in all day-time activities. 
Looking through the lenses is gray, it offer a natural view, you can use this lens for long time with no stress.
This is suitable for Running, Walking, and some other sports with no contrast view.

<About Lens>

  • Mirror : Silver
  • Light transmission : 11.61%
  • See through : Gray
  • Reflectivity : Medium-High
  • Thickness : 2.0mm-1.6mm
  • Lens curve : 8



  • Polarized
  • De-centered lens (Prism correction function)
  • UV protection
  • Impact protection (Polycarbonate)
  • Hydrophobic (Water repellent function)
  • Anti reflection (Prevent reflection of light entering from the back side.) 

To change/replace the lens, it requires a T6 Screw Driver (not included, sell separately).



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