TWENTY XX Polarized Lenses [TW-POLA]

TWENTY XX Polarized Lenses [TW-POLA]

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Prices vary according to options.


Please cinfirm your frame before place order. This lens fit for "classic" Twenty XX.


TWENTY XX  Polarized Lenses

Please choose the color of the lens from pull-down menu.

Polarized Lens Index




 Premium Red







 Red Mirror


 Nevy Blue


 Green Jade

 15.99% 16.89% 9.38%


 Cardinal Red


 Lapis Blue


 Gold Mirror

 15.96% 14.43% 16.69%




 Liquid Metal


 Flash Black

 14.73% 11.36% 11.61%


 Saxe Blue


 Turquoise Blue


 12.59% 13.97% 

 UV420 Protection Lens [This lens cut UVA, UVB and HEV (High energy visible light / cut until 420nm)]

 What is UV420 lens?

 Bright sunny day Light transmission  : Under 15% 

 Sunny day  Light transmission : Over 15%

 Cloudy day or Indoor  Light transmission Over 50%<








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