Racing Jacket Gen.1 Vented Polarized Lens [RJ1V-POLA]

Racing Jacket Gen.1 Vented Polarized Lens [RJ1V-POLA]

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Racing Jacket Generation 1

Vented Polarized Lens

Lens width : 65mm

Please choose the color of the lens from pull-down menu.


Polarized Lens Index  (Polarized Lenses)




 Premium Red







 Red Mirror


 Nevy Blue


 Green Jade

 15.99% 16.89% 9.38%


 Cardinal Red


 Lapis Blue


 Gold Mirror

 15.96% 14.43% 16.69%




 Liquid Metal


 Flash Black

 14.73% 11.36% 11.61%


 Saxe Blue


 Turquoise Blue


 12.59% 13.97% 

 UV420 Protection Lens [This lens cut UVA, UVB and HEV (High energy visible light / cut until 420nm)]

 What is UV420 lens?

 Bright sunny day Light transmission  : Under 15% 

 Sunny day  Light transmission : Over 15%

 Cloudy day or Indoor  Light transmission Over 50%<





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