Complete rubber set for X-SQUARED Black [XS-CRS-BK]

Complete rubber set for X-SQUARED Black [XS-CRS-BK]

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X-SQUARED Complete Rubber Set - Black

This is exclusively for X-squared frames and cannot be attached to frames other than X-Squared.

*Nose Bridge Flex Couplers (Rubber parts for the internal connection of the nose bridge) are not included.

[Set Contents]

  • Ear Socks: 2 pieces
  • Nose Pads: Small (left and right), Large (left and right) *Not suitable for Asian fit.
  • Temple Shocks: Small (15 size) - 2 pieces, Medium (25 size) - 2 pieces
  • Gaskets: 2 pieces

The sizes of each rubber part are the same as the OEM parts.

[Regarding Replacement]

  • If the ear socks are difficult to insert, please soak them in hot water to soften the material before performing the task.
  • To change or replace the gasket, you will need a T6 screwdriver, which is not included and must be purchased separately.

*Sunglass frames and other items shown in the pictures are not included.


  • Material: Silicone rubber
  • Cold-proof temperature: -50 degrees Celsius
  • Heat-proof temperature: 150 degrees Celsius
  • High water-repellent rubber


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    The best one!
    By Bruno Barbosa
    The best material that you can find for your X-Metal, this is the reason that is the best of the world in my opinion! Legend!
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