Pin Pusher tool [PP]

Pin Pusher tool [PP]

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Pin Pusher



This device is used for removing/replacing X-Metal sunglasses’ Pin (rivet), Flex Coupler or to push some stuck temple screw out,…etc.  It is a hand-operated device. It is compact and it can provide a stepping stone from amateur to professional X-Metal owner.


You will be able to push out the nosebridge rivet of the Oakley X-Metal frames which allow you to change/replace the rivet itself and/or just the flex coupler.  To work easily, please remove the sunglass ear stem (arms) before proceed to change/replace the coupler/pin because it provides a space to handle easily.


 Be noted that this item is for general processing equipment for the glasses, it is not specific tool for X-Metal nose bridge tuning. 


When installing the pin, proceed slowly with care and do not push forcefully, which may break the pushing tip.  It is very easy to remove the pin by pushing out from the front. However, to install the pin which is to push from the back of the pin it is a little difficult. The orbital need to be arranged tightly to the nosebridge. If the frame is not well arranged, the pushing tip will create a lot of stress to the pushing tip and the frame. It will result in either damage to the frame or/and the pushing tip.






Please check any defect before use, we accept un-used item return. In that case, please contact us immediately. In most case, no restocking fee for return item is applied. If you are not confident, a professional tuning up service is recommended. Please use it your own risk since the value of Oakley X-Metal is quite high.


Due to its weight, it is available by EMS Shipping only (Shipping cost veries by area).



Attached components
Body Open bars: 1 Cradle A (3mm): 1 Cradle B (2mm): 1
height: 150mm, Width: 80mm, 100mm




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    Great Quality Tool and parts
    By Andrew Boey
    I ordered the item and a few spare nose bridge screws and rubber so that I can repair them again if I needed to. Quality was great as expected from Japan. Fixed up the nose bridge as per instructions and everything is nice and firm. Thank you so much as I have not been able to use the glasses for many years. Now it feels like brand new!

    The shipment was about 1-2 weeks to Singapore, given the slow down of logistics due to COVID.
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  • 5
    Great Business
    By Anonymous
    I ordered and was a little hesitant but let me say the shipping was fast.The quality of the products was amazing.I had no problem all the parts I ordered were perfect fits with my Juliets. So don't wonder let me tell you, the parts were perfect .Glasses like brand new.Plus they have great customer service I give that 5 out of 5 .Glad i found your company.One week shipping to Canada but don't forget bad weather it may take longer.Great business
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  • 5
    Best tool ever!
    By Tim
    I would not be wearing my Juliet glasses if not for this tool. The bridge grommets were so loose the glasses didn’t stay on my head. This allowed me to restore them and continue wearing them. Thank you so much for making this tool available for us.
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