Nose Bridge Flex Coupler 90 - Dark Gray [NBFC90-DG]

Nose Bridge Flex Coupler 90 - Dark Gray [NBFC90-DG]

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Nose Bridge Flex Coupler 90 - Dark Gray

This product is sold in pairs, each containing 2 pieces.
Hardness : 90

The color of this flex coupler is the same as OEM (Dark Gray) flex coupler.

The difference between 80 and 90 lies in the hardness of the material.

  • Flex coupler 80 is softer than 90, providing a comfortable fit.
  • Flex coupler 90 is harder than 80, offering a tighter fit.

We offer two colors at our store: black and dark gray. The only difference between them is the color. Please choose the color that suits your preference.


  • Juliet
  • X-Metal XX
  • Mars
  • Romeo2
  • Penny
  • X-Squared.

How to Replace:

Remove the nose bridge pin with a Pin Pusher (sold separately), and take out the old flex coupler, replacing it with a new one. Using the Pin Pusher, insert the nose bridge pin (ensure you change to a new pair of pins as well), and you will have a nice new pair of sunglasses.

If the X-Metal frame is used extensively, the nose bridge part may become loose due to damage to the flex coupler's rubber component. Revitalize your X-Metal by replacing the flex coupler and experience a renewed sensation.

It is made from silicone, graded for medical use, ensuring safety for your skin. We strive to deliver high-quality products for our customers.

This coupler is designed to be attached and functional across all generations of X-Metals.

X-Metal series nose bridges exhibit individual differences.

When performing repairs on the nose bridge, we kindly ask for your understanding of these variations.
Please read the information from the following link.


Individual difference in the Nose Bridge of the X-Metal Series

About the Nose Bridge Pin:

Nose bridge pins can become loose if pushed in and out frequently. Therefore, we recommend changing the pin for a new one at the same time as replacing the flex coupler.

Other Photos

  • Push the pin from front side of the frame.
  • Replace the flex coupler to new one.
  • Push the pin from backside of the frame and install it.


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    The original rubber was practically falling apart Now my glasses stay on my face properly
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