2018 Summer Sale, LINEGEAR HD lenses aka Prizm, NXT Blue


Dear valued customers,


Thank you for always choosing and supporting LINEGEAR.

We’d like to inform you about the coming 2018 SUMMER SALE.

*** 15% OFF discount on our websites eBay and Amazon store ***

Please check the items in which you have an interest and probably get one now.




                      29 June to 10 July 2018, Japan Standard Time




 During this sale period, the membership 5% discount is not applicable!

-----------------------For example------------------

- Complete Rubber Set: Regular Price US$26.5     -->  US$21.2

- Non-Polarized Lenses :Regular price US$45.99  -->  US$36.79


Visit the shop and have a look at our collection for X-Metal: http://www.linegear-japan.com/





- The Polarized version of the popular lenses GREEN JADE is available now

- Recent release is LINEGEAR HD lenses, aka Prizm, in RED, JEWELRY BLUE (similar to Deep Water Prizm), two popular color TURQUOISE BLUE and GREEN JADE.

- The NXT BLUE MIRROR is now back in stock, previously called NXT ICE

- We offer the NOSE BRIDGE TUNE UP for your X-Metal and we’ve done over 500 frames* for Japanese customers and for some foreign customers. Check the item listing for caution on sending the frames in.


- We are in the process of improving our lenses to meet more standards like ANZI Z80.3, AS/NZS 1067 and EN 12312.  During this transition period we have added a new supplier in addition to Lens Ya. Please check lens item detail during purchase for the correct light transmission. For example light transmission of a certain lens have increased help to see a traffic light.

- We made the step by step instruction on everything X-Metal, including changing lens, washer, screw, gasket, tune up,…etc  If access our website via a desktop, see the left tabs “How to Replace Each Parts”, and if access via a smartphone scroll down or around since our web layout is intuitive.

Last but not least, we always appreciate any feedback on product design, improve to our web design, or just to say hi to get to know or anything X-Metal.  Our contact detail including postal and emails are below.


Thank you and please help forward this discount news to your O friends.